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Oleanders Survive pt.3
I woke up with Jessie's arms around me, both of our clothes on the floor. He must have woken up and brought them in earlier, I thought getting up careful
not to wake him. I reached down to pick up my clothes and get dressed, but I felt someone's hands on me and I jumped blushing. I felt the hands wrap around my waist, and I turned my head to see who it was. As if you don't know, I thought when I saw Jessie's approving smile.
"Look in the closet," He directed, pointing to the closet and welcoming the morning by kissing my cheek.
I tried to hide the surprise in my voice," Did you get me clothes?... I don't remember bringing any...?" I walked over to the closet and put my hand on the door. Then I turned back to him," Promise me nothing's gonna jump out and scare me?"
He rolled his eyes and started walking over to me. It was then that I noticed for the first time that he was naked as well, and comfortable with it. Or so it seemed. My red face and tilted head gave way to where my attention
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Oleanders Survive pt. 2 :iconmistress-of-fire3:Mistress-of-fire3 0 0
Oleanders Survive
The clock ticked the seconds away like a time bomb waiting to go off.
"So eager."the voices whispered.
I shook my head,"No,"I breathed, careful not to attract attention.
"Yes you are. You are eager to LEAVE." the voices responded, angered by my denial.
I turned to the teacher," May I go to the restroom?"I asked in a hushed tone.
The teacher merely nodded and returned her attention to my fellow classmates.
I was walking down the hall, when the voices returned.
"You are so alone here.You need us."they said.
"No, I have friends. They just aren't here." I insisted.
"LIES!You have no one! Foolish girl, we know everything you think and everything you've ever thought before.We are a part of you."they hissed.
"Then why do you ask silly questions and demand of me? Why do you want me?"I recoiled.
"Because, Kate,you have special abilities. Abilities that we can help you control."they answered.
"Abilities like what!"I demanded.
"We cannot tell but we can show.Come with us."they pleaded.
"Where am
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United States
im a blonde. i have blue eyes. im about 5"5. i enjoy swimming, writing, singing, and drawing of course. im fairly easy to anger--depends on what you do. i CANNOT - AT ALL WHAT SO EVER - stand drama, so if you're gonna start it, im not gonna hear it. if you push me enough im gonna leave dA. *warning!!!! very irritable person proceed with caution.*
I FINALLY HAVE TEN DEVIATIONS !!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!! :D I'm going to do this every ten deviations.... So: ten more and it'll say twenty... so on and so forth .... but I have TEN !! Can you believe it?! O:D
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